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UIPath is one of the strongest leaders among all RPA vendors. They have the cheapest solution out there with the possibility to purchase both attended and unattended bots while almost all other companies provide only unattended bots which makes the purchase of the additional inventory like Control Room for bots a requirement. Additionally, UIPath has the strongest community: they have their own RPA school, public forum and wide knowlegde base.
This is how UIPath's structure looks like:

UiPath FOR
is a front-office robot which works together with a human and assists him in carrying out tasks automatically.
UiPath BOR
is a back-office robot which sits on a corporate network without being tied to any computer workspace and carries out complex chain of tasks on its own while being controlled from the center of robot administration.
is a robot designing software which allows to design robots with the use of highly intuitive (cognitive) tools, which allow to set robot's tasks, determine robot's users and their roles, data capturing from external sources and systems, data processing, tuning data controls, data writing to external systems, processing of errors and exceptions, and also maintaining the libraries of tested work processes, managing software version upgrades and of system landscapes.
is a unified center for planning, managing, monitoring, auditing and reporting.
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