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NFP in TOP-100 of the RAEX rating

First Bit's NFP project office has been ranked among the top 100 largest consulting companies since 2017. The NFP team debuted in the rating compiled by the RAEX agency (RAEX-Analytica) in 98th place in 2017. Last year we ranked 46th, and this year we moved up to 35th.
Also this year we ranked 11th and 23rd in RAEX ratings. A total of 200 companies took part in the market research.

11th place in the rating "IT-consulting: development and system integration".
23rd place in the Financial Consulting rating.
35th place in the rating "Top 200 largest consulting companies".
Thank you to each member of the NFP team for your contribution to the company's development!
RAEX Rating Agency ("RAEX-Analytica") is the largest agency in the field of non-credit ratings. The first rating projects were realized since 1995 within the framework of the Expert magazine editorial office. In 1997, the rating business was spun off into Expert RA rating agency. In 2015, due to the entry into force of the legislation on credit rating agencies, which limited the scope of activities of credit RAs, RAEX-Analytica was spun off. It now concentrates a team of specialists who started the first rating projects in the country in the 90s.
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