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PIX RPA Platform: 1.0 release

We are glad to announce that our robotic process automation partner, Russian RPA platform PIX from PIX Robotics, declared its official v. 1.0 release on the 24th of January, successfully going out of beta. We congratulate colleagues with achieving such landmark event and hope for close and productive cooperation in 2020.

Through a short period of time since its launch in September 2019, PIX RPA Platform managed to be chosen as Websummit Alpha Track representative, became resident of «Skolkovo» Innovation Center and deployed a number of commercially successful projects.

PIX RPA Platform now is:

  • More than 130 user activities, covering almost every basic office software.
  • Unique «from-the-box» integration with 1C products, which we also promote worldwide.
  • Integration with OCR-engines, including Tesseract and MS Azure.
  • Two different development regimes: line-by-line and as diagrams (BPM-schemes).

NFP is ready to provide you with the full specter of RPA services based on PIX RPA Platform, starting with licensing and though software deployment up to staff training.

If you have any questions regarding PIX RPA Platform, please reach us any comfortable way and we’ll consult you on that topic.