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What is RPA?
RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology which uses so-called software "robots" in order to automate repetitive tasks employees perform at their desktops in order to optimize the business-processes and improve the overall or part of companys performance.
What is "Robot"?
Robot is a runtime element which runs an algorithm according to the specific rules and under pre-determined conditions. This algorithm is coded by an RPA specialist (or RPA developer) and is based on a process as if it would be performed by a real person.
How does it work?
The algorithm which is performed by Robot is built by an RPA developer in a special Bot Creator. Robot then works according to schedule or can react to different triggers.
How is RPA used?
The aim of RPA is to automate routine trivial tasks performed by empoyees. The goal can be either to let people concentrate on more creative tasks or tasks that require making important decisions or totally remove people from the specific process.

The best tasks for robotic automation are those that:
  • Repetitive
  • Consume much time
  • Can be standardized
  • Rule-based
  • Does not include work with hand-written text or unstructured data
Where is RPA usually used?
Company of any size or industry can benefit from RPA implementation. One can always easily find a number of business-processes perfectly suitable for RPA in following departments:
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • HR
  • IT
  • Customer Support
Prelimenary RPA analysis
We can check the desired company's business processes or even entire departments or branches in order to analyze what could and should be automated using the RPA technology. We then come up with a full robotisation strategy including task prioritisation basing on the results of our analysis and conditions of your choice. We then provide you with economic justification for it, ROI calculations and process ranking basing on which we can start implementing RPA in your company.
RPA implementation (both pilot and large-scale)
We have experience in small RPA "proof of concept" projects and full-scale implementation on strategic level. All our RPA developers are certified experts in both UiPath and AutomationAnywhere, 2 worldwide leading vendors we work with.
Maintenance and enhancement of ongoing robots
We provide all of our customers with technical support of the developed robots, we guarantee the maximum possible uptime and output of your robot. We also perform robot optimization and alteration in order to improve it's performance or in case of some minor changes required, e.g. due to update of a system.
Business processes outsourcing
If it is possible to completely outsource the process so we can handle it on our side and provide you only with the desired results, we can do that. This approach assumes that you don't have to spend on licensing your RPA initiative.
RPA audit and refactoring
If you already have robots developed either by your internal developers or other company, we can study them and give our expert feedback, find the weak spots in code and suggest possible improvements.
Training in both RPA analytics and development
We provide those courses both onsite and in webinar format. Our certified RPA experts share their knowledge and provide your team with all the required information in order to successfully run RPA project of any size. They will also answer any of your questions live.
Creation of Centre of Excellence within the company
We have experience building the Centres of Excellence in a number of companies. Our approach assumes picking the right CoE model for your company, forming the team composition with roles and zones of responsibility, methodology adaptation etc.
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We have successfully completed more than 30 RPA projects in different industries, including but not limited to: banking, pharmacy, retail, mining and processing of mineral and government-associated organisations.
Over the past years we have developed our own metering methods in RPA, including ROI calculations, and constantly expand our know-hows with new studies and develop unique connectors to fasten the development cycles.
Over 500 people has gone through our RPA School courses and webinars. We are proud to spread our knowledge and be recognized by IT-community.
Our practice includes building Centres of Excellence in companies, prelimenary RPA analysis and full-scale RPA and Digital Transformation strategy planning.
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