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In Tomsk, robots were hired to work in the accounting department

The company "hired" the PIX RPA-based software robot Danila.

First Bit's NFP project office robotized the accounting department at Centralized Accounting, LLC, an enterprise serving leading retailers. The company "hired" a PIX RPA-based software robot, Danila. The robot performs routine tasks: uploads reconciliation acts with counterparties from the systems, checks the mailbox for new reconciliation acts from suppliers, compares the acts of suppliers and customers, forms protocols of disagreement and reports on the work done.

Robot Danila is a software and methodological complex developed by First Bit's NFP project office. The PMK is based on the Russian RPA platform from PIX Robotics. It consists of software algorithms and scripts for digitalization of business processes, which perform routine work instead of live employees. In this way, the workload on employees and the number of errors due to human error is reduced.

There are 50 companies from Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Moscow on the service of Centralized Accounting. Before Danila was introduced in the accounting department, acts for nine legal entities with more than 1000 counterparties were reconciled manually. One robot got rid of the routine for three accountants - now the employees are not overloaded with the same type of tasks and independently process only the exceptions laid down at the start of the project. In the freed up time, the accountants can focus on more complex and expert duties.

"Despite our experience in robotization of the business process "Reconciliation of mutual settlements with counterparties", also an important role was played by the project team of LLC "Centralized Accounting", which was included in the process, was active, interested, open and promptly consulted us - the executors. All this contributed to the successful implementation of work at all stages of the project," said Anna Averkieva, Project Manager of the NFP office of First Bit.

Automation of routine processes in accounting is one of the most popular directions in RPA, because, on the one hand, there are a lot of such tasks and they lie on the surface, and on the other hand, robotization here shows high efficiency. The case of Centralized Accounting LLC is quite illustrative, as just one robot freed up the time of three specialists at once.

"Together with the NFP team, we have already implemented a large number of successful projects, and it's great that customers can take advantage of such ready-made robotization solutions at PIX RPA as Danila's robot. Robotization in the CLC is a proven way to increase productivity and process quality, which also frees up employees' time for really worthwhile tasks," commented Vyacheslav Musolov, Commercial Director at PIX Robotics.

"At the time of the start of the work, the NFP development team had already implemented more than five projects on a similar business process of reconciliation of acts. We had an idea of the possible pitfalls, so we built a competent project architecture," said Anton Bolotov, technical architect of the NFP project office at First Bit.

For Centralized Accounting LLC, robotization of the accounting department is the first step in digital transformation. Discussions are already underway with the IT block to implement this tool in other functional areas. The management is also considering the prospect of creating its own competence center.

"In the process of maintenance of the software robot, due to the peculiarities of the systems with which the robot works, the need for optimization of the process architecture was identified and a refinement with code refactoring was implemented," said the Director of IT Service of Centralized Accounting LLC.