Metal products factory

A large metalware company, faced with market changes, needed to increase its capacity for producing self-tapping screws (planned investment over RUR 1.9 bn).
To accomplish this, the Client drafted plans for the placement of machinery in the existing factory space, as well as extra space.

About company

Case background

Case results

NFP developed a model that:
- Determined the maximum production capacity for 3 versions of yearly SKU breakdown (for initial project decisions);
- Determined the bottlenecks of the system which are related to logistics and could lead to a significant drop in production volumes;
Was used to develop and analyze (together with the Client) new project decisions that should lead to production volumes that are 15-25% higher than those expected from the previous set of project decisions.
NFP's goals were to:
- Inspect the existing production facilities, specifics of the work process and the technologies involved in the production of over 150 SKUs;
- Develop a simulation model of the future production system, with multiple scenarios pertaining to different options for SKU production breakdown;
- Determine the maximum production capacity of the new system;
- Determine the bottlenecks of the new system and propose solutio
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