1C:Document Management &
Contract Approval System

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We would like to introduce the complex solution for document-flow processes automation, making it smooth and reliable
1C Contract Approval System:


Electronic archive – all necessities at one click
Get the access to your database wherever you need it
Goal-mapping – never leave your tasks unattended
Create, share and look for the progress
Ready-to-work document templates: system will help you to fill it with the right information
· Prepare required templates for all types of documents
· Configure the auto-filling rules for created patterns
· Some of required fields of MS Word and Open Office documents you can edit right in 1C:CAS
· Rules of filling the fields can be created in construction mode or with internal programming language
Document life-cycle management
1C:CAS helps you automate processes such as:
· Contract prolongation
· Contract transferring for assignment
· Controlling the dates and steps of a contract
Requisites auto-filling: one time and forever
Automatic filling of contract files
· Document requisites like date, sums, expire date and others are fill automatically
Quick full-text document search
Quick search that will save your time
10x times faster contract preparation and approval
As an example, mixed approving lets you realize the process in which contract can be approved by Main Accountant and legal specialists in parallel, and after that – vice of company's executive and, if no comments will follow, the CEO
Mobile version support
Get access to some basic operations and control the resultativity of working processes right from your smartphone
Suitable for commercial and non-commercial enterprises
If you have a team working on some documents, than this solution will help you to improve the processes
Team document management
Organize a co-working to light the productivity up
enterprises use 1C:DM & CAS
workstations were automated with
1 000 000+
people - the number of employees that use 1C:DM & CAS


Up to 50% less time our clients spend on document approving processes
Scalability: perfect scaling from one- to multi-user solution and next to a client-server based on three-level architecture of DBMS
Interface created and all-set to improve work-efficiency and speed
Integration with database management systems: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2
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