Ready-made library sets by NFP
The need of developing these pool of libraries has emerged while implementing a scope of projects in large transport, metallurgical and other enterprises.
In the absence of these libraries and extensions the projects implementation deadlines would be greatly extended, proposed solutions would be rather crude, and in some cases not found at all.
All these aspects have prompted us to create our own libraries for AnyLogic platform, in order to provide our partners and customers the opportunity to solve their tasks effectively.
Project Time Reduction
All Libraries are Compatible with Each Other
Ease of Use
Multiple Crane Library
Helps to simulate multiple cranes systems (such as metallurgic plants, seaports, etc.). Includes tools to set tasks prioritization, maintenance and breakdowns.

Compatible with the Machine Learning Connector
Multiple Crane Library
Multiple Crane Library
Helps to model movement of trains with maneuvers and automatically avoid obstacles (other cars, trains) and set speed limits for every railway path.
Train Movement Extension
Helps to implement ML policies inside of AnyLogic models (WEKA, DL4G)
Machine Learning Connector (MLC)
Makes statistics collection in AnyLogic easier and helps to connect external BI-systems and visualize in real time.
Data Manager Block (DMB)
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