Control the situation in your organization with the help of Russian BI-systems
Make reasonable management decisions based on systematized data
BI-system implementation prerequisites
Large amounts of data
in several disparate sources
Decision-making tasks
to assess their impact on the final performance indicators
to generate operational and strategic reporting
with data analysis and structuring
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Russian BI-systems

Platform for building information and analytical systems

Big data analytics, internal process control, performance analysis, visualization of interactive dashboards

Business intelligence, data collection and visualization, generation of reports, forecasts for effective management decision making

Advantages of Russian BI-systems
  • 1
    Import substitution
    Comply with the law on import substitution, adapted to changes in Russian legislation. Don't depend on foreign sanctions

  • 2
    The platforms are developed taking into account the specifics of Russian companies/users. Ability to consider the needs and adapt the platform for large customers

  • 3
    Russian software
    Compatible with Russian software, such as 1C, PostgresPro, ClickHouse, Arenadata, etc.

  • 4
    Technical support
    Fast technical support in Russian (more efficient communication), documentation in Russian

  • 5
    Price of licenses is VAT free for systems included into the register of domestic software

How robots help with the BI-system

Robots help to complement the functionality of the BI system without large financial investments and modifications. The robot is able to collect information from different sources, make complex calculations, analyze information according to set parameters, generate and send presentations, inform about the indicators in the critical zone and help respond quickly to changing conditions.

NFP First Bit team is one of the first in Russia to start implementing robots, it has vast experience in implementing robotization technologies in various business processes.

Our services
Find out which BI-system is right for you!
NFP office is a structural consulting unit of First BIT.
Our key areas: working out the methodology issues on all business functions with a view to practical use of the methodology within the chosen technology, integrated support of 1C accounting systems.

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