1C:Drive implementation


Sales and turnover
You can create customer orders, track all stages of the order processing cycle, record sales, including retail sales, generate customer invoices and other documents on the order.
Closing transactions are much more dynamic now, the time between receipt of the order and receiving money from customers is significantly reduced, and thanks to the possibility of direct integration with cash registers and communication with Internet banking, you always have up-to-date information about the amount of your cash and non-cash.
Relationships with contractors and mutual settlements
1C:Drive application allows you to maintain a customer base, history of relationships with them, plan calls, meetings, negotiations, take into account mutual obligations. You can track settlements with customers and suppliers, as well as employees, in the context of contracts, orders, documents.
Also, now you have the opportunity to take into account the provision of services by contractors: to form orders, to record the work performed.
Inventory and warehouse
With 1C:Drive you can control the inventory of goods in warehouses, as well as easily calculate their need, both actual and predicted by the results of the analysis of sales for the period, which will allow you to avoid discrepancies in the execution of orders. Track the prices of suppliers and choose the best conditions of purchase, automatically create orders to suppliers and record the receipt of goods.
With regard to the accounting of company property, now you'll be able to consider tangible and intangible property of long-term use, to charge depreciation, and inventory.
If Your company is engaged in production, then with 1C:Drive you can effectively plan the loading of enterprise resources, maintain the specifications of the nomenclature, make a production schedule, register orders for production, output, keep records of production operations, calculate the need for materials and the actual cost of production, taking into account direct and indirect costs.
Human resources
The program provides functionality for personnel accounting, working time planning and payroll.
Now in a single database you can store personal data of employees, make staffing, register personnel documents for the reception, movement and dismissal of employees, plan the load and evaluate the efficiency of staff, maintain work schedules and time records, monitor the execution of tasks by employees. The calculation of wages can be carried out both in time-based and piecework wage system.
Financial planning and control
One of the key features of the 1C:Drive system is the possibility of financial planning and budgeting for efficient allocation and use of resources. You can record planning data and generate a forecast financial result, profit and loss budget, and cash flow budget.
The system provides you with a range of convenient customizable reports that reflect the main performance indicators of your company with the necessary degree of detail:
  • management balance
  • reports on profit and loss
  • cash flow statement
  • trial balance
  • manager monitor


You no longer need to create and store dozens of different spreadsheets, documents and reports. All data is recorded and stored in one database
You get a full-fledged ERP-system for quite reasonable money for your budget
The system is suitable for any business, be it sales of goods and services or production
You can easily adjust this software to the business processes of your company, instead of changing them for the sake of automation. And if your company's scale, structure, and business processes change over time, you can quickly and inexpensively reconfigure your application to reflect these changes
1C:Drive contains almost all the standard documents for the accounting of trade operations, inventories, production, and cash flows. A variety of reports provide business owners, managers and employees with all the necessary data in a visual form and with a customizable level of detail
Now you have even such tools as budget planning, HR planning, resource allocation, sales forecasts and much more that allows you to make informed decisions for the prosperity of your business
To start using the software product, you do not need to be an expert in the field of accounting and budgeting, as well as have special knowledge in information technology. The system provides everything you need for a quick start, suitable for all popular types of operating systems and does not impose high hardware requirements
The system allows you to improve the efficiency of your employees. Automation of routine tasks combined with quick access to data helps to save valuable time, and the ergonomic user-friendly interface facilitates the training of novice users and at the same time provides advanced features for experienced users
At your disposal is a team of professionals for seamless implementation of the program in Your business and its further technical support
Wherever you are in the world, you have full online access to the system
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