Improving the efficiency of customer service through the introduction of software robots

Rosbank has increased the efficiency of customer service through the introduction of software robots with the participation of NFP. NFP announced this on August 5, 2020.

Rosbank optimized the work of its employees and improved the quality of customer service at the expense of RPA in such operational areas, as control of payments, opening accounts and issuing cards for payroll clients, interaction with government authorities.

In the course of the project, the Rosbank robotization team experts and representatives of NFP created software robots on the UiPath platform that automatically analyze documents received from the bank's information systems, consolidate and speed up their processing. Also, the process of manual collection of data for the judiciary on customer debt, information for government agencies, data transfer between systems was automated.

This project was interesting for us by its scale and approach. We robotized a large number of processes simultaneously in several departments, while being inside the client's company. A clear vision and a systematic approach from the customer's side allowed us to complete this complex project together. This testifies to the proactive digitalization of the Russian banking sector and Rosbank's position in this area.
— Sergey Lozhkin, NFP CEO
Thanks to the automation of many banking operations, employees were freed from routine tasks, and human factor was eliminated. For example, in the department of payments currency control documents for verification were printed on paper, and in the department of servicing payroll customers applications for the issue of plastic cards were entered manually. After the completion of the project these processes began to be performed with the participation of robots.

RPA technology has reduced the number of requests by 2-4 times and significantly increased the efficiency of employees in five business areas of Rosbank.
For the project using RPA technology we were looking for a partner, who would be ready to implement the given tasks, having completely immersed in our technological processes. The NFP company supported the market-friendly format, which allowed Rosbank to further modernize internal processes and improve customer service.
Zinaida Yastrebtseva, Director of the Card Technology Department of Rosbank
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