New version of 1C:Drive is released

Our partner and developer of 1C:Drive 1Ci Company has released the new version of Drive, which presents itself as the ERP for small businesses. Let's check what's new coming with the update

  • Updated embedded Standard Subsystem Library to version 3.0.1
Embedded SSL has been updated to publicly available international version of SSL (SLLi).

  • GL accounts. Counterparties
Previous product logic related to counterparties GL (general ledger) accounts has been changed. In this release the "Counterparties GL accounts" information register was introduced, and now contains rules for filling GL accounts in all the documents containing counterparties. You can now access it by using the link in the Counterparties catalog. These GL accounts are inherited to the documents and can be changed by a user in any particular transaction. Obsolete attributes for keeping GL accounts will be removed in the next release.

  • Foreign currency transactions review
Now it's possible to issue any document in any currency, but entries will be recorded only in presentation and contract currencies.

Functional currency is only used by default when you create a new contract.

  • Barcodes in print forms
Print forms now contain the barcode with the link to the issuing document. To enable this feature, go to Settings → Company → Use barcodes in print forms.

  • Bug fixes
28 bug fixed.

These are the major updates of the new 1C:Drive version. Feel free to contact us for implementing it into your company. Methodology and business process review are also our professional areas and services.
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