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Largest pharmaceutical worldwide company

Russian branch of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies with the headquarters in Europe operating all over the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin and North Americas. Company has the leading position in agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

About company

In this project there were combined several unrelated processes from accounting and other departments. The main challenge was the necessity to build specialized scheduler for RPA robots which selected processes in such a way that there wouldn't be any collapses in task execution queue. Within the process automation scope there was a task to quickly react to occurring errors so we developed the algorithm for robot to take decisions in case the system returned error though there was no wrong data detected during the input phase.

Case results

Automated export of current monthly transaction data, automated operator alert in case of an error. RPA did the following operations:
• Sent a message to an operator's e-mail if an error occured;
• Exported transaction's files to an off-site storage location with a customized name;
• Loaded the newly arrived documents to CRM while correcting all errors;
• Exported processed document from a special folder to a consolidated storage location.
Daily employee workload was reduced by 30 % (864 man hours or 108 man days in a year)

Case background

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