Russian pharmaceutical company

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia, Moscow decided to use the robotic process automation in order to enhance customer requests processing related to underpayments, overpayments and other errors.

About company

RPA used to receive, automatically check and process customer complaints with the use of a specific algorithm which included processing of exceptions and errors. The robot selected specific categories of requests in the database, performed a number of checks to satisfy or deny a request, then closed it and started processing the next one in the queue.

Case results

One software robot replaced over 40 employees who processed over 5000 requests a month manually. A comparison of speed between processing of the requests manually and with the use of the RPA technology shows a 15-60 times increase.
A team of 45 employees processed customer requests manually prior to RPA technology implementation.
The same number of requests is processed by one employee with the help of one RPA robot after implementation. The testing and tuning of a robot was done within 1.5 months.

Case background

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