NFP International presents
Simulation Modeling for business
Free basic webinar December 17, 2019
We are pleased to present a basic webinar called «Simulation modeling for business».

This webinar will provide concise information on the concepts of simulation modeling and the ways it can be applied in different industries, helping the listeners develop their own vision of the opportunities the method could offer their business.

  • What is simulation modeling?
  • Why do you need simulation?
  • How can companies benefit from simulation modeling?
  • [Discussion] How to choose the best process for simulation in a company?

Note: the series is designed for introducing listeners to simulation modeling and its advantages. If you would like to acquire practical modeling skills, we suggest that you sign up for our offline course.

Webinar schedule: December 17, 2019, 16:00 – 17:00 [UTC +3]
Attendance: free
Simulation Modeling helps to determine the optimal project parameters, evaluate a project's efficiency and propose changes even when a project is in the planning stage.

AnyLogic is a simulation modeling solution for modeling businesses of any size and complexity. It provides users with the tools that make models easy to develop and maintain, and lets users track the any modelled processes in real time.

Areas of SM application: strategic planning, budgeting, asset management, cash management, business process optimization, risk management, supply chain optimization, warehouse optimization, social process optimization.

NFP company is AnyLogic's official partner for licensing, consulting and training.

Andrey Garifov
Head of Simulation Modeling department,
NFP International

Business Analysts
Planning and Optimization Specialists
Project Managers
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