Wine company

About company

French winary, which produces and sales of products in the following areas:
• Wine: preparatory land works, planting, growing and harvesting grapes, winemaking, aging and bottling
• Olive oil: the formation of new plantings, the cultivation and collection of olives, squeezing and bottling
• Vegetables, truffles, lavender: planting, growing and harvesting, storage
Сompany challenges
Cost of production is not defined.
It's need to calculate the cost of manufacturing a bottle of wine
- Production
- Purchasing
- Accounting of working hours
- Reflection of wages in financial accounting
- Cost of sales
- Sales
Automated processes
No resource planning.
Control over material resources is not complete
- Accounting for the work of the autopark
- Inventory accounting
- Accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets
Reporting does not meet top management requirements.
Management accounting takes a lot of time and efforts
- Cash flow
- Setting user rights
- Management reporting
Key project results
- An accounting and cost-sharing module has been introduced, allowing to correlate costs with revenues, to fairly distribute costs across business lines and detailed objects (in accordance with operational accounting data);
- Automatic generation of reporting forms (BS, PL, CF, detailed forms).
Cash transactions are automatically loaded into the system, which allows to track the debts of customers quickly, conduct credit control.
Timekeeping allows the system to calculate the costs for costing objects automatically:
1) Construction costs
2) Costs for farming
3) Machinery and equipment costs
4) Labour costs
5) Other expenses

- Storage locations (warehouses) have been identified, financial responsibility for the inventories has been established. The system maintains accounting balances that are reconciled with the actual balances.
- Working time accounting by timesheets allows to track the efficiency of machines and mechanisms using (by the hour), personnel by type of work.
- Sales are taken into account in the context of the necessary analytics - regions, managers; defined terms of delivery, it is possible to track the shipment.
The units of the operational activity have been successfully automated: purchases, sales, inventory accounting.
The system has capabilities for flexible analysis of sales and gross profit by product groups, managers, regions, sales documents.
There are also capabilities for analyzing other disposals (gifts, tastings, and etc.) by items and cost analysis.
Statistical reports on the forms of internal reporting of the Company were developed.
The simple French interface has been developed that is not loaded with unnecessary operations for users of the Company.
- Management reporting in 1C: ERP – BS, PnL and CF. Management reporting had formed in accordance with the accounting principles: the accrual method, the comparison of revenues with expenses, the costs are fairly distributed between activities.