1C connectors for UiPath. NFP-development presentation

During the joint conference held by UiPath and NFP on 24th of April Head of RPA department at NFP Maxim Yatskevich and Senior RPA Consultant Kirill Serov presented connectors for UiPath to 1C products developed by NFP RPA specialists.

Out-of-the-box UiPath works with 1C products only through user interface which negatively impacts RPA development velocity, testing and robot resilience. Even minor update to 1C interface can lead to requirement of significant dev input. Connectors are meant to simplify the robotization of 1C products. Using the COM-connection UiPath can now work with 1C both using the GUI interface and by API.

It became possible only thanks to specialization of NFP both in UiPath and 1C products due to the necessity of complex 1C tuning for it to fit into RPA framework successfully.
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