Simulation model of the logistics network of vending machines

NFP experts have developed the simulation model, the main task of which is to determine the optimal number of trucks as well as the policy on distribution of goods for vending machines in city.

The main idea of the simulation model is that by varying the initial parameters of the model relating to transport logistics, it is possible to visually see the subsequent changes and choose the best result for the end user (for example, determine the optimal number of trucks for maximal sales volumes)
This case perfectly demonstrates the work with the GIS Maps of Moscow (Russia), thanks to which the program AnyLogic automatically calculates the distances between the distribution points of vending machines and creates real road routes, based on data downloaded from the server. This function is neccessary when you work with transport logistics companies and retailers — you can pre-determine the optimal route with minimal transportation costs. Also, the simulation model allows you to forecast the results of the supply chain performance on the desired time horizon.

Find out the application options and the benefits of AnyLogic product and the effect of its use.

In the AnyLogic Cloud library you can test other simulation models, modeled by NFP experts.
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