Fun Simulation Modeling: Gotham city model in AnyLogic Cloud

An article showing how one can test the capabilities of AnyLogic using the digital model of Gotham City.

Simulation Model is a digital copy of a process that could be launched with a number of variable parameters. Running experiments on existing system or system being designed shows how particular events can evolve through the upcoming months or even years considering all the complicated connections between the objects within the system.

There is a notable «digital twin» in AnyLogic Cloud, - cloud database of AnyLogic models: the city of Gotham, the hometown of Batman. «Gotham City Crime Simulator» perfectly represents the flexibility of the system as far as its capability to work with complex variables:

  • Prior to running the model, you adjust quantitive elements of urban infrastructure: ATMs, construction sites, nightclubs, streetlights

  • There are setting for the police officers' attrition and expertise levels as far as the number of policemen per district as well

  • During the simulation process you can toggle on/off different vigilantes or villains (e.g. Batman, Robin, Joker etc.) which significantly influence the metrics of either side
  • The city model is divided in a number of districts: you can adjust the settings for all those districts separately.

As a result of simulation it's possible understand the number of anticipated crimes (robbery, kidnapping etc.) and make decisions how the police officers should be redistributed between the districts in order to minimize them.
Running the same analysis using only classic tools (e.g. MS Excel) would have shown only the average picture of past events and the forecast would be missing the behavior in time which makes it risky to rely on those solutions. While in classic analysis all the connections are described only by formulas, in simulation models those connections are regulated by rules and probabilities, it is possible to work with physical parameters (like space motion, mass, state change). At the same time the model will be visually illustrative and clear for all kinds of users. Running a simulation model of a real process can show to which result the integration of different initiatives can lead. Such model can become a reliable justification for planned changes and help take the best decisions.

So the «Gotham City Crime Simulator» model is yet another one engaging way to look at the capabilities of AnyLogic. Except for sociodemographic processes the tool can be used to build financial, logistic, investment, production, healthcare, traffic, IT, telecom models and many others. Additionally for supply chain modeling the AnyLogic Company developed a separate product – anyLogistix.

In cloud repository AnyLogic Cloud you can test the models developed by NFP experts.
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